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Going on vacation this summer?

Enjoy your trip but don't share those vacation 
photos until you get back! We know it's tempting 
to post that beautiful sunset photograph to 
Facebook so all of your friends and family can see 
how much you are enjoying yourself but you 
never know who might also be viewing your 
photos! Don't let thieves know that you are out 
of town!

Thousands of people every year have their homes
robbed while they are enjoying a well-deserved
vacation. Don't post your travel plans or any 
destination photos to social media until after
you return. 

Also, consider going to www.usps.gov to set up a
mail hold for the duration of your trip so you 
don't have mail sitting in your mailbox. 
Unfortunately, unscrupulous people could steal
your bank statements, credit card bills, or 
anything else of value right out of your mailbox!

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