Community Connection

Community Connection

Community Connection, is a FREE community service being offered by Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri. Sign up to receive important, community-related information sent as text messages directly to your mobile phone, wireless PDA or pager. You can also receive the same information via email. You can opt-in and select the information you want to receive from the community. For example, the following categories have been set up to choose from:

School Info:
Emergencies, Closings & Early Dismissals - Get up-to-the minute information directly from your local school district on school-related events. Snow Days - Late Field Trip Arrivals - Early Dismissals - Sports Cancellations, etc.

Community Emergencies:
Select this category and receive public safety information like weather warnings, highway conditions, or other emergency information.

Step 1: 
Test your mobile phone to make sure it is text-enabled. You will enter your name, zip code, time zone, mobile phone number and mobile carrier on a website. Then choose which message categories you want to receive (either the school information or community emergencies, or both). You can also elect to enter your email address if you want Community Connection information via email. It is also an option to receive messages by email only, and not on your mobile phone.

Step 2: 
A 5-digit Authorization Code will be immediately sent as a text message to your mobile phone or email address. When you receive the code, your mobile phone is confirmed to be text-enabled. You must type the 5-digit code in the Authorization Box on the sign-up page and press - Enter. Once you have entered the 5-digit code, you have completed the sign-up process.

The Community Connection is a FREE service provided by Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri. This is a Can-Spam Compliant application. Your name and personal contact information is protected and will remain private. Please check your cell phone plan for any text message fees your wireless provider may charge. 

If you are an Administrator for your community or school's Community Connection system, you may use the link below to log onto the system.

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