Switch to Farmers

Switch your account to Farmers Bank with just a few easy steps.

1) Open Account
Visit one of our 10 locations and let our team help you open the account that best fits your needs. Be sure to bring your ID and personal information, like your social security number and proof of address. 

2) Stop Using Old Account
Avoid using your previous account, but allow time for outstanding checks to clear and all automatic transactions to be transferred before closing the account. Destroy any debit cards, unused checks, and deposit slips. 

3) Move Direct Deposits Over
Transfer your Direct Deposits over to your new Farmers Bank account. Examples may include paychecks, Social Security, veterans payments, retirement or unemployment payments, dividends or interest for CDs, annuities or mutual funds, etc.

4) Transfer Automatic Payments
Transfer Automatic Payments and Debits to Farmers Bank. Examples may include utilities, phone or internet service, subscriptions, etc. 

5) Close Previous Account
Close your previous account by contacting your previous bank. 

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