Additional Services

Additional Services available at Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri:

Toll Free Telebanking Service:

Call the 24-hour service for your account balance, last five images, last five deposits and many other features. It's easy, call at any time.
TOLL FREE 1-888-227-7400

*Personal Money Orders __________________________ $2.00
 Personal Money Orders (non-customer)___________$3.00
*Cashier's Check ___________________________________ $3.00 
*Photocopies ______________________________________  $0.25/page
*Fax Copies - Outgoing ____________________________  $2.00 first page and $1.00 additional pages
 Fax Copies - Incoming _____________________________ $1.00 per page non-customer or business
*Notary Fees _______________________________________ $2.00 per page
Stop Payment Fee __________________________________ $20.00
Returned Mail ______________________________________ $2.00 per item returned
Counter Check Charge ______________________________5 encoded free with check order
Account Research Fee (per hour) ___________________$25.00, minimum $12.50
Account Balancing Assistance (per hour) ___________$25.00, minimum $6.25
ATM Surcharge (non-customers)____________________$2.00
ATM Transaction at Farmers Bank Machine ________ No Charge
Foreign ATM Charge ________________________________ No Charge
Foreign Currency Exchange _________________________$10.00 plus actual cost
Debit Card replacement fee ________________________ $15.00
Account Closed within 90 days of opening __________$10.00
Dormant Account Fee _______________________________$2.00/mo. after 48 months of no activity
Incoming Wire Transfer (customer) _________________ No Charge
Outgoing Wire Transfer - Domestic _________________ $15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - International ______________$70.00
Garnishments and Levy Fee _________________________$40.00
Collection Item Fee - Incoming ______________________ $20.00
Collection Item Fee - Outgoing ______________________ $20.00
Lockable Night Deposit Bag - Purchase _____________ $15.00
Night Deposit Box Key (Refundable Deposit)________ $25.00
Lost Night Deposit Key ______________________________ $25.00
Third Party Verification Form Completion ___________ $12.50, free if for Social Security
Safe Deposit Box (Replacement Key) ________________ $30.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling ____________________________ Varies, $90.00 plus trip charge
Safe Deposit Auto Debit Discount ___________________ $5.00
Late Payment Fee on Box Rent ______________________ $5.00 after 30 days
Key Deposit __________________________________________ $30.00
Coin Counting (non-customers) _____________________ 5% with $5.00 minimum
Coin Counting  (customers) __________________________No Charge
Returned Deposited Item Fee _______________________ No Charge
Temporary Hold Statement or Vacation Address ___  No Charge
Account Activity Printout Fee ________________________ No Charge
Copy of Paid Image or Documents ___________________No charge if before statement mailed,
                                                                                              research charge if already sent

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