Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri announces the 2022 scholarship recipients. Each bank location selects one high school graduate to receive a $500 scholarship.

Congratulations to the following:

Unionville, MO – Karlie Ingersoll, Putnam County R-1 High School

Mercer, MO – Tori Meinecke, North Mercer R-3 High School

Trenton, MO – Haven Burress, Trenton R9 High School

Bethany/Cainsville, MO – Quinlynn Smith, South Harrison R-2 High School

Centerville, IA – Annika Lechtenberg, Centerville High School

Gallatin, MO – Cloey Waterbury, Gallatin R-5 High School

Leon, IA – Mya Applegate, Central Decatur Community School District

Each graduate will receive the one-time scholarship upon the completion of their first semester of post-secondary education.


2022-23 Scholarship for High School Seniors

The Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri is granting seven $500 scholarships, one from each bank location.  The scholarship is open to graduating seniors in the schools designated by the following geographic areas. 

Unionville: Putnam County R1

Mercer: North Mercer R3, Princeton R5

Trenton: Grundy County R5, Trenton R9

Bethany: South Harrison R2, Ridgeway R5, North Harrison R3, Cainsville R1, Gilman City R4

Centerville: Centerville, Moulton-Udell, Moravia, Symour

Gallatin: Gallatin R5, Tri County R7, North Daviess R3, Winston R6, Pattonsburg R2

Leon: Central Decatur Community School District, Lamoni, Mormon Trail


The recipients will be chosen on the following criteria and not financial need:

  1. Academic Achievement.
  2. Community Activities and Leadership.
  3. School Activities and Leadership.

To apply for this scholarship, applicants can complete the application below or submit a resume. All of the criteria listed below must be included:

  1. Grade point average as of the end of junior year.
  2. School and community activities.
  3. 200-word essay on career goals and future educational or military service plans.

The recipients will receive the $500 scholarship upon completion of their first semester of further education.  Individuals who are enrolling in full time military duties are equally entitled to the scholarship and will receive their scholarship upon satisfactory completion of basic training or equivalent and upon assignment of duty station.

 Individuals with parents, brothers, sisters or grandparents working for Farmers Bank are not eligible.



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