Our History

Many Firsts

The Farmers Bank of Unionville was founded in 1900 in Unionville, Missouri. The Farmers Bank was the only Putnam County bank to survive the Great Depression. As a progressive bank, the first drive-up window was installed in the 1970's and the in-house computer system in the early 1980's.

After surviving the agriculture crisis and droughts of the early 1980's, Farmers Bank was the first bank in the state of Missouri to establish a branch outside of its home county with the opening of the Mercer facility in 1986.

In 1990 the purchase of the First National Bank of Bethany was made and later was merged into Farmers Bank.

The year 1992 saw the purchase of the Trenton banking facility for the Farmers Bank. In 1992 we also expanded the stockholder base from 30 to 140 community stockholders further cementing the spirit of an independent community bank. With the future expectation of growth, the bank's official name was changed to the Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri.

In 1995 the Farmers Bank issued ATM cards and installed the first ATM machine in Unionville.

The year 1996 made the Farmers Bank the first Missouri bank to have a branch in Iowa with the opening of the Centerville location.

It was the year 2000 that the Farmers Bank purchased the First National Bank in Gallatin, making it the sixth location for the Farmers Bank.

In 2005, the creation of a new product called "Good Grades Car Loan" rewarded students with a discount on their car loan rates based on their school grade point averages - the first and much copied product linking a monetary reward to academic performance.

In 2006 a new bank branch was built in Leon, Iowa to serve the banking needs of Decatur County.

Then 2011 brought our bank another first in the region as we started Farmers Risk Management, offering Crop and Livestock Risk Protection Insurance to farmers. We are a leader in Livestock Risk Protection policies.

In 2016 Farmers Bank acquired Flowers National Bank in Bethany and Cainsville Missouri.

Today Farmers Bank is a strong bank with eight locations and seven ATM machines in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa and with over $369,000,000 in assets and 88 employees to serve our customers with outstanding customer service and products.

Other Firsts:

  • 1993 - Named the #1 Agriculture Community Bank in the United States by American Banker Magazine.
  • 1995 - Created Putnam County Community Development Corporation to foster business development and jobs in Putnam County.
  • 1995 - Gary Tribble served as Chairman of Missouri Bankers Association - the first Putnam County resident to do so.
  • 1996 - David Tribble served on the American Banking National Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee - the first in Northern Missouri for decades.
  • 2007 - Farmers Bank installed their first Remote Business Deposit machine at a local business, allowing them to make deposits from their store office.

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