Livestock Risk Protection

The Livestock Revenue Protection (LRP) is an insurance product offered through licensed agents much like Federal Crop Insurance. Producers can protect livestock pricing in the future by buying an insurance policy. Premiums are subsidized by the federal crop insurance program making coverage very affordable.

How do I use it?
Producers need to decide on the marketing time frame, number of head, type and weight of livestock to be insured. Our agent will quote current offerings based on these criteria. You may protect any amount or all of your livestock you own. 

What type and size of livestock can I protect? 
Cattle- Steers and Heifers 450 to 900 pounds sale weight Sheep- Lambs 50 to 150 pounds sale weight Hogs- Market Hogs

How do I sell my livestock?
You market your livestock however you choose--livestock auctions or private treaty.

What is the process?
First step is to get enrolled in the program by completing the no obligation enrollment form. Second is to tell us your desires for marketing time frame, type and weight. We will then contact you when your specific criteria are met or keep you updated on current offerings--your choice. To purchase an endorsement, you must sign the endorsement and pay the premium the same day you purchase the policy.

What if I sell less than a semi-load of livestock?
No problem, you can insure your livestock for the number of head you specify.

Will I have margin calls or other expenses?
No, this is a single premium insurance product.

For more information contact:
Richard Hallock, Licensed Crop & Livestock Insurance Agent in Missouri and Iowa with Farmers Risk Management LLC.
  • Office: 660-425-2261
  • Mobile: 641-442-5222

Also offering Multi-peril Crop Insurance, Range & Pasture Insurance through Hudson Insurance Services and AgriSompo.

Farmers Risk Management LLC is an affiliated Subsidiary of Northern Missouri Bancshares Inc. 

*Policies are underwritten by Hudson Insurance Services and AgriSompo and are not obligations of the Farmers Risk Management Company, Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri or its agents. 

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