Security Policy


All customers who access ITI online banking must have aSecure Socket Layer ( SSL ) compliant Web browser. The software does not permita non-SSL connection to be established.


Electronic communications utilizing the Contact Us servicewill be encrypted. E-mails sent to theFarmers Bank of Northern Missouri should be encrypted or use a secure E-mailservice.


When a Contact Us message is received from a customer,the response will be initiated through non-secure e-mail. Confidentialinformation such as account numbers, pass codes, etc. will not be sent overunsecured e-mail. If a customer includes any confidential information in anunsecured e-mail, a message will be sent to them reminding them never todisclose that information through an unsecured channel. If a customer providestheir pass code, they will be asked to change their pass code as soon aspossible.


Our website requires an SSL connection. If continuing tothe online banking service, a new secure connection is established withadditional security.


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