Security Policy


All customers who accress ITI online banking must have a Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ) compliant Web browser. The software does not permit a non-SSL connnection to be established.

E-mail communications utilizing ANE Technologies secure e-mail service will be sent Pretty Good Privacy ( PGP ) encrypted. All e-mail sent to customers through ANE and all e-mail made directly to ANE must be encrypted.

When a secure e-mail is received from a customer, the response will be initiated through non-secure e-mail. Confidential information such as account numbers, pass codes, etc. will not be sent over unsecured e-mail. If a customer includes any confidential information in an unsecured e-mail, a message will be sent to them reminding them never to disclose that information through an unsecured channel. If a customer provides their pass code, they will be asked to change their pass code as soon as possible.

Our website does not require SSL. It uses Flash Technology and the "Get" option for the sign on. A secure connnection is first established before the information is sent.

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